How to Sow Adenium Seeds? Step by Step Guide by Mr KO

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 Your seeds finally arrived and it is your first time to sow Adenium seeds? Do not worry! We will tell you how to sow Adenium seeds step by step in this guide.

Adenium Seeds Packaging

Adenium Seeds Package  

Phytosanitary CertificateCommercial Invoice

  The seeds are packed in a zipper bag with name&quantity tags placed inside a bubble padded envelope a.k.a jiffy bag, enclosed with the phytosanitary certificate and invoice.

 To sow Adenium seeds, you need to make sure that the temperature is between 23-35°C (73.4-95°F)  and if the weather forecast shows rainy, do not sow the seeds yet.  The weather should be sunny and shiny in the following 7 days. If the temperature difference between day and night is large such as 10-23°C (50-73.4°F), it's not ideal for germination. You can use a seedling heating mat to increase the germination rate.

 If the temperature is okay and you have got all the materials ready, you are good to go and sow Adenium seeds.

What materials do you need for sowing Adenium seeds?

  •  Adenium Seeds (Yeah no joke)
  •  Cup for soaking seeds
  •  Lukewarm water
  •  A well drained potting mix 
  •  Seedling tray or a small pot
  •  Tray cover or Cling film (Plastic Wrap)
  •  Rubber (Elastic) band
  •  Spray bottle (for watering)


    Adenium Seeds Soaking in the lukewarm water


    Our seeds are dry and in complete dormancy to prevent wetness in case they are ruined by mildew during transit. So you need to soak the seeds for 2-4 hours in lukewarm water. Do not put the seeds in the boiling water unless you want to have Adenium seeds for dinner. This step is important in increasing germination rate.

     In addition, please do not peel off the seed coat after soaking, because this situation might damage the seed embryo or the cotyledon leaves easily, this may reduce the moisture and nutrients during the incubation period. While most will come off easily when moistened with water, some do not. They have a membrane that holds on for dear life and simply will not budge. Forcing them will literally tear their tiny heads off.


    Add the potting mix into seedling tray. Water it well.

    Add the potting mix into seedling tray. Water it well.

    Put the seeds horizontally on soil

    Put the seeds horizontally on soil. If using a larger pot, spread several seeds evenly over the soil. Be gentle. Do not push them.

    Then cover the seed with soil about half a centimeter. (0.2 inches)

    Then cover the seed with soil about half a centimeter. (0.2 inches)  Water it again carefully.

    Cover the tray with the cling film or a tray cover.

    Cover the tray with the cling film or a tray cover. Use a rubber (elastic) band to tie it to keep the moisture inside. 


    Seed trays will produce water vapor.

     Seed trays will produce water vapor. Water vapor could block the sunlight. That's why we suggest you could expose your seeds to direct sunlight for a few hours a day. It could let your seeds grow quickly. Make sure that you put the seed tray on a place where it is exposed to enough light during propagation.

    Do not open the tray cover or remove the cling film unless the seed soil seems dried up or lacks water seriously until sprouting reaches to 70%. If you often disturb the seedlings, this situation will probably decrease germination success rate.

    Most seeds will sprout between 5-15 days. If there was not enough moist or the temperature was not optimal, it may take longer for seeds to germinate so it is better to wait for at least 15 days.


    Beautiful Adenium seedlings

    Here you are. Beautiful Adenium seedlings. Usually the seed coat will fall off during germination but if there is any stubborn seed coat stuck at the seedling, please remove it gently without hurting the seedlings. Transplant the seedlings into more permanent containers (1 inch pot) after they have a few leaves. During the first 2-3 months after germination, the seedlings should be put under a strong light and on a warm spot. 

     These are the simple steps to sow Adenium Seeds. Are you ready to sow Adenium Seeds now? You can take a look at our online store unique and beautiful Adenium.

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