Pricelist for one 15 cm long cutting of Adenium cultivars

The steps to mail the cutting withes:
First, I will apply for the quarantine certificate( quarantine certificate is free)
. Before mailing them out, I will spray cutting withe the insecticide and fungicide, and then package them with quarantine certificate and invoice which values less than USD 100. In normal, customers take 5-8 days to ship the order.If you don't receive the order as the estimated day, they should cause by the different rules of every custom department.You can use the number on EMS to track the order and know where the order is. If you got the information that your cutting withes are be confiscated because of some reasons, please ask the customs the reasons. I will improve the shipping ways in order to make sure that every customer can receive the order successfully. In other way, I will mail the cutting withes to you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also choose to refund the money. I will mail out the cutting withe since four days when the auction ended.
I will put them on my website to let me customers to track the orders. the local website of EMS.
If you have any questions after you win the auctions, please write an e-mail to inform me first. I will try my best to serve you.
Because of the different language, please give me more time to describe the details. Thank you for your assist.

I can't send grafted plants to Australia. In my experience, the plants should be observe for five or six months in the customs, including the some custom expenses. It will be fine if the Australia clients buy seeds, but if the Australia customers want to buy grafted plants, it should be not a good decision.

We have send the plant and cutting withe to Brazil in the past.
But the government of Brazil do not admit of relation between two countries.
So they don't allow we send the plant to Brazil.Any inconvenience is much regretted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.We hope we can finish this transaction smoothly. Thanks again and have a nice day.


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