Cultivate soil for sowing.

Greeting all the Adenium obesum lovers!!

There is one thing needs to share with both of you, it's about cultivate soil, the cultivate soil that you might buy from the gardening shop probably, it is soft and loose, and when cultivate soil is too soft it will cause soil will decline when you water the seeds, at the same time, if the seeds are smaller, it will be easy to sink deeply and affect germination,finally, when you use the cultivate soil you bought after 2-3 months, the cultivate soil with 100% full originally will disappear 25%, even 50%, besides, this cultivate soil is bad for plants, it's a kind of mixed cultivate soil mixed with animal manures & wood chips and little sand, and it has lots of germs, in this case, if you don't move the young plants(2~3 month-old) to bigger planting pots in time, the bottom of cultivate soil will become muddy and it cause the roots of younger plants decay finally the plants will die.

By the way, if you use this kind of cultivate soil for sowing, we suggest that you need to cover the layer of plastic wrap on the planting tray to make the germination rate steady, Happy seed Sowing.