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If Adenium bumper harvest season seeds are sold out. We will end the ( Adenium seeds Bumper Harvest Season ) early.

Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the Apocynum family, Adenium make great Natural Bonsai plants when grown from seed and are much easier than conventional Bonsai to look after requiring minimum, input, effort and care. There are plenty advantages while planting Adenium plants as below:

* Bloom very often.
* Require minimal care.
* Worry Free- under proper conditions you can go on vacations & the adenium will still be alive.
* Can be easily trained as Bonsai style.
* Fairly disease resistagreednt.
* They are succulents, so require less watering.
* Can even be grown in sunny area of apartment.

Before purchasing any Mini seeds(such as White Mini and Mini Size Sunup Star,Mini Size Double Flower), please make sure that you agree the germination result,

The average germination rate of Mini White is 40%. And the average germination rate of Mini Size Double Flower is between 50% - 80%.
We won't refund or recompense any these Mini seeds above (such as White Mini and Mini Size Sunup Star, Mini Size Double Flower) when they do not have a good germination rate.

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