the experience of cultivation on Desert Rose

Skillful Hand Garden, the experience of cultivation on Desert Rose

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Scientific term : Adenium obesum Photos of Sowing Experiences
English name : Desert rose
Faculty Pieh :

The Desert rose (Shar Mo Mei Qway) is part of the Apocynaceae family, mostly as trees, bansai, and shrubs. They are also in names of Tian Bow Fa, Aye Shi Chi Don Fa, or Fu Qway Fa, originated from East Africa's dry and desert areas. Due to its flower is very extraodinary, and the flower has colors like the red rose, it is called "Desert Rose."

The desert rose blooms between April through October. It has 5 petals and blooms like a funnel. It contains colors of dark red, light red, pure white etc. with the pistils and stamens hidden inside the throat; seeds are shaped like bull horns with soft fur on each end of the seed, and when harvest time is around, you can have seeds flying all over the place. The origin of this flower is from East Africa where it is desert like, and because of it's romatic and passionate coloring like the Rose, it is named as "Desert Rose."

The Desert Rose started out living in desert areas, where the temperature is usually very hot and dry. In order for the Desert Rose to survive in the harsh weather conditions, within the stems are many tissues which can store water. So with enough sunlight the Desert Rose will bloom. Therefore, sunlight, the right amount of water and keeping the plant dry are very important. And before you water it, the soil of the plant must be dry.

Importance of Cultivation

[Carrier]: Anything that can help water pass through swiftly, or else it will start to rot from the roots..

[Temperature]: Best in 20~35 Celcius. Taiwan's climate is a very decent place to grow adeniums, but because the adenium itself wasn't from cold climates, during winter time it has a slower growth rate. If the temperature is lower than 12 Celcius, keeping plants warm is very crutial. Plants may need to be stored indoors or else the plants will go into a winter recess. To prevent leaves from falling off, due to colder climate, spray a bit of Magnesium on the plant to help fight the cold off.

[Sunshine]: The Desert Rose likes to be in dry places, along with enough sunlight. Therefore, it is best to grow them outdoors. But if you plant indoors, the stem will be thin, the leafs will breed yello, and will not bloom.

[Watering]: During the Spring, Autum and Winter seasons, water every other day or two days. During the Summer season, water every day or every other day.

[Fertilisation]: Remember to use Elements of N, P, and K for fertilizing. N is good for growing of the stems. P will help make the stems stronger to grow seeds. K will help to grow flowers. Now that you understand how the elements help, you will have no problems purchasing fertilizers. Last but not least, spray a bit of Mg to help the coloring of the flower and fight cold climates.

[Propagation]: I use artificial pollination to produce seeds.

[Blooming season]: Spring, Summer, Autumn.

[Pest]: Pseudococcidae, aphids and spider mites are the mostly occured pests. Usually pests are not really the thing to worry about. But root rotting, if occur, you may need to cut off the part of the root and soak with detergent to avoid further damage to the roots. After repotting the plant back, water with detergent 2~3 times each week.

[Poisonous parts]: The white fluid is very poisonous. If dogs or children accidently eat a leaf or white liquid, heart rates will increase, heart beats will have a disorder causing heart attacks. P.S. the taste of the white fluid is very bitter, anyone who tries once will not intend to try it again.

About Seeds: Picture of Sowing Experiences

I use artificial pollination, so it has low possibility (20%-30%) to grow into pink adenium. Most of them have characters of their parents. The Single-petal with red, white and white with red border are more stable. Although seed is not guaranteed to look exactly like their parents, some will look exactly like their parents, while others may have only certain characteristics in common with their parents. This is the reason that new varieties are created. It also needs time and luck to produce the new varietiess which are better than their parents.


2023 The Successful Artificial Pollination....

1.Pink: It reaches 85% for pink seeds to bear pink flowers.
2.White: It reaches 95% for white seeds to bear white flowers.
3.Red: It reaches 95% for red flowers seeds to bear red flowers.
4.Stripe Lined: It reaches 70% for stripe-lined seeds to bear striped-lined flowers.
5.Dark Purple: It reaches 10% for dark purple seeds to bear dark purple flowers.
6.Light Purple: It reaches 30% for light purple seeds to bear light purple flowers.
7.Peach: It reaches 70% for peach seeds to bear peach flowers
8.Red Lining Adenium with Five Petals: It reaches 20% for red lining Adenium with five petals flowers seeds to bear red lining adenium with five petals flowers.
9.Yellow: It reaches 20% for yellow seeds to bear yellow flowers

10.White petal with red curving: It reaches 95% for white petal with red curving seeds to bear white petal with red curving.
11.White Arabicum: It's very a rare variety. According to our experiences, the offsprings of Arabicum only have about thousandth of percentage could grow into the purely white Arabicum. Most of it might be grow into pink color or some of them they might grow into white with red edge or red. We’ve tried many ways to improve this issue and hope it’ll successful blooming the pure white flower sooner.
12. Variegated Leaves White: Basically, variegated leaves is mutant varieties. So far we still can not make sure how many percentage chance that it will grow into exactly like Variegated Leaves. We've been working on developed the better offspring of Variegated Leaves for a long time, but it still need luck to make it grow exactly like its mother plant. So before you order the Variegated Leaves please make sure that you have read this information.
13. New Double and triple layer Adenium: It reaches 25~50% for Double and triple layer seeds to bear Double and triple layer flowers.

That's why some customers said the result is like playing the lottery, it still needs luck to make it look similar to its mother plant or more excellent than the mother plant.

Our seeds are dry and in complete dormancy to prevent from wetness in transit in case they are ruined by mildew.
When the customers receive the seeds, we suggest them must soak seeds in the water for 2-4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.
After sowing, keep the soil wet for 10 days until the sprouts appear.
Please take care of the temperature, which will affect the germination rate directly. The suitable temperature is between 22-35 Celsius degree
Before you prepare sowing, you may notice the forecast of the weather within sowing, if the following 7days will be rainy and cloudy, it will affect the germination rate.
So please make sure that it would be better that the weather should be sunny continuously within sowing.
Here are the recommend links of planting instructions for your reference.

Here is our video link of sowing experience for your reference,

Here is the link of another sowing way that one of our customer shared her sowing on forum,

If you have any questions during planting Adeniums, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Happy Sowing.

Please refer to our below explanation of how to use fertilizer is based on temperature condition between 22-35 Celsius degree.
Under this temperature condition, we divide plants growth stage into four to explain.

The first stage (sowing to one month old seedlings), pictures 2
we do not suggest to use any fertilizer in the media at this period.
because the plants will grow fast at this stage.
During this period, we will use liquid fertilizer and spray once or twice a week.
Please use high N and low P and K liquid fertilizer, such as N20-P15-K15 and plant in the 1 inch pot tray.

The second stage (one month to two months old seedlings),
we will still suggest to use liquid fertilizer at this period.
But the N:P:K ratios in fertilizer should be changed to the same level,
such as N20-P20-K20 and spray once or twice a week.

The third stage (after two months old seedlings),
we prepare to transplant seedlings to a bigger pot(3 inch pot).
When transplanting the seedlings,
we will add slow release chemical fertilizer which can maintain for one year into media and stir with media.
Because the plants will grow much faster at this period and the plants need more fertilizer to grow strong.
We will use slow release chemical fertilizer which N:P:K ratios is same, for example N20-P20-K20.

Also, we will spray liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios in same level to plant leaves
such as N20-P20-K20 once or twice a week,
in order to supplement insufficient part during this fast growing period.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.

The forth stage (after four months old seedlings),
during this period, the plants are going to bloom, if the temperature keep between 22-35 Celsius degree.
We will chang liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios.
We will use liquid fertilizer which have high P,K and low N or even stopping N,
such as N8:P15:K15. And still spray once or twice a week.

If your plants have already grown the (after Six months old seedlings), such as N 0~10:P 15~30:K 15~30.
and you want to see you plants have flowers often.
please use liquid fertilizer which have more P and K and spray once or twice a week to your plants' leaves.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.
Please avoid to spray liquid fertilizer under strong sunlight.
The best time is to spray in the morning or in afternoon after sunset.
This will help your plants to bloom quickly.

If the temperature below 20 Celsius degree, please stop to use the fertilizer.
Because the plant will be dormancy in the cold weather.
When the weather become warm, you can fertilize your plants again.

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The photos presented here are all rights reserved. Please obtain permission from us first if you wish to download and post these photos for use somewhere else. Otherwise, the use of these pictures without prior permission is deemed as violating the copyrights.

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